Who we are

In AA Architects and Lawyers we have a team of highly qualified professional fully updated with new regulations, technologies solutions and Authority regulations, we are in love with the Construction sector, planning and Urbanism.

Our main is to ensure that each client is satisfied with the services we offer. With have more than 40 years of experienced in our field and the confidence that experience gives us, a family own business with long record of accomplishments.

Jose M. Ariza

Technical Architect

Eduardo M. Ariza

Technical Architect

Jose I. Ariza


Chencho Romero


Lola Santana

Graphic Designer

Aurora Ariza

Agricultural Engineer

Octavio Ariza


We guarantee complete advice and simple processes.

If you need information or budget, contact us. We are happy to assist you and look for the best solutions in any case.

"We are interested in Sustainability and the use of Innovative Products, we always look for the most efficient and environmentally friendly approach, we take responsibility for our actions, providing an ethical and ecological angle to each of our projects.

Our company is also at the forefront of Bioconstruction and the implementation of new environmentally friendly techniques, both on construction and social environment".

Eduardo Manuel Ariza Tello

Technical Architect, Managing Director of AA Arquitectos & Abogados